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Product image 1BARREL WAVE cmzart 20 x 30 cm
Product image 2BARREL WAVE cmzart
Product image 3BARREL WAVE cmzart
Product image 4BARREL WAVE cmzart
Product image 5BARREL WAVE cmzart 15 x 30 cm
Product image 6BARREL WAVE cmzart
Product image 7BARREL WAVE cmzart
Product image 8BARREL WAVE cmzart

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Natural and Unique

Our desk slates are entirely unique to each other. Made and cut from real granite, no two slates are ever the same. Each one has its own unique markings, cuts, and distinctions that make it truly one of a kind

Product Key Points

Rock Slate cut from real granite, so each and every one is unique. 
Very vibrant piece of art with superior colour depth in a gloss finish.All our art is very high resolution, printed at 600 DPI using the latest equipment.
Includes two stands to place on your desk or side-cabinet.
Proudly printed by us in London, UK

Customise it

Personalise this piece just how you want it! Contact us by email or phone to discuss how you would like to edit this design.

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